Playing for dogs is no different than playing for humans. It’s a good mental break, good physical activity, a good stress reliever. Physically, mentally, and emotionally, it’s healthy.

Whether chasing a ball in the yard or attending a structured class, exercise or play is vital in helping dogs expend pent-up energy. Without that outlet they may show behavioral problems that can range from destructive tendencies to attention-seeking antics.

SPAY and NEUTER information

Reasons To Spay/Neuter


    • If spayed before the first heat cycle, your pet has a less than 1 percent chance of developing breast cancer
    • If spayed after one heat cycle, your pet has an 8 percent chance of developing breast cancer
    • If spayed after two heat cycles, the risk increases to 26 percent
    • Eliminates the threat of ovarian and uterine cancer
    • Eliminates unnecessary pregnancies


    • Eliminates the threat of testicular cancer, the second most common tumor in male dogs.
    • Greatly reduces the risk of prostate cancer and prostatitis
    • Reduces the risk of perianal tumors
    • Eliminates unwanted litters

Neutering Your Pet Does NOT:

    • Cause laziness or hyperactivity
    • Reduce its instinct to protect your family and home
    • Postpone or delay normal behavior maturity
    • Change its personality in any manner

More than 4 million pets are euthanized in the U.S. animal shelters each year only because they have no home. Many are puppies and kittens less than 6 months of age. Help prevent this loss of life. Spay and Neuter your pet.

Agility training and fun for all skill levels!

Introductory Agility Classes starting NOW!

Dogs learn the focus, wait, and recall skills necessary for agility as well as some familiarization with equipment and handling.

Agility is an excellent way for dogs and their handlers to bond together. Working as a team, the dog and handler learn to negotiate obstacles, such as tire jumps, hurdles, teeter totters, tunnels and weave poles.

It offers a great mental and physical workout