Learn the basics you need to know to excel in the sport of agility. This foundation class is the place to perfect the stay and recall work that is required for Agility. You will learn basic groundwork: how to cue your dog to move and turn with you. You will also work on beginning balance and coordination skills. Designed for those who want to make the plunge into more focused training, or for those who want to start out right. This class is also a great “refresher” for dogs already active in the sport but with some “holes” in their foundation. They can repair these holes as they pursue their current agility class.

Prerequisites: Dogs must have some prior obedience work.
    • Jumping – Individual and chutes
    • Weave poles – Clicker, channels, backchaining
    • Tunnels and chutes
    • Table
    • Contacts with 2on-2off
    • Teeter –  full height
    • Building drive and playing games
    • Introduction to handling
    • Short 2-3 obstacle sequencing

 Puppy agility foundation class

    • Introduction to clicker training/targeting
    • interacting with objects (cardboard boxes, stools, cones, chairs, anything)
    • Flatwork including directionals, go out, send aways, running/speedwork, circle work, recall games
    • Jump chute/Cavaletti on the flat
    • Stay games, Table games, Intro to tunnel
    • Intro to “2on-2off contacts”
    • Running over flat boards and low contacts
    • Playing recall games
    • Teaching tricks (give paw, thru legs, change sides, touch)
    • Collapsed Tunnel   
    • Jumps
    • Down (quickly)
    • Sit (quickly)  
    • Lead changes
    • Spin/Twist
    • Front & Rear Crossing

 Basic Obedience

    • Simple cues such as sit, down, come, stay
    • Canine health
    • Problem solving
    • Relationship forming

 Puppy Education

    • Basic manners and problem prevention
    • Potty training
    • Relationship bonding
    • Socialization
    • Puppy health
    • Simple cues such as sit, down, come, stay

Dog Park

To visit the dog park, you must be currenly enrolled or have completed a training class with us. Therefore, you have completed a registration form and given us proof of shots.

 Puppy Social Hour

For puppies under 1 year of age only! (must have 2 sets of shots completed)

 Yappy Hour

All dogs welcome!